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sterling silver zanadesign

Sterling silver

Silver consists of 92.5% pure silver (which is why silver is sometimes called “925 silver”) and is considered a precious metal. The remaining 7.5% of the alloy is usually copper, which strengthens the silver without compromising its appearance.

In our products we only use the highest quality silver. We do not use nickel to strengthen silver. That is why our products made of 925 silver do not cause allergies.

sterling silver 18K gold plated zanadesign

Silver 18K Gold Plating

We gild silver with 18K gold. The thickness of the gold layer is three times thicker than normally used for jewelry. By using three times thicker layer of gold during gilding, the product is definitely more resistant to all types of scratches during normal use. Additionally, 2 layers of 18K gold plating can also enhance the appearance of silver and give it a more luxurious look.

black onyx stone zanadesign

Onyx Stone


Black Onyx is called the “stone of internal strength” because its energy strengthens endurance and resistance when performing difficult, complex tasks or projects.

If you often face stressful situations this stone is for you – onyx is known, among other things, for giving strength to people who are exposed to extreme stress – emotional and mental. It is also helpful when making decisions.

Onyx helps eliminate negative thinking and stress, and is good for meditation and positive dreams.

baltic amber zanadesign

Baltic Amber

Baltic amber is an amazing natural material that has been appreciated for centuries. It is a kind of petrified tree resin that can only be found in the Baltic Sea. Amber was formed around 44 million years ago and is known for its warm honey color and beautiful natural inclusions.

One of the interesting properties of Baltic amber is its ability to heal. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, which makes it a unique stone that is used in the production of jewelry that can be worn close to the skin.

Baltic amber is a unique and beautiful natural material with a rich history and many interesting properties.

walnut wood zanadesign

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is a beautiful jewelry material, the wood’s rich, dark color makes it a popular wood for pendants and cufflinks. Walnut wood is also a very durable material, which is why it is used in jewelry.

One of the unique features of walnut jewelry is its unique graining, which makes each jewelry unique and unrepeatable.

We obtain walnut wood only from renewable sources certified with the FSC ecological certificate

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